Micro holes can be found in a multitude of technical products.The demands on holes and bore processes are multifaceted and include the high precision of the bore geometry, the reproducibility, and the efficiency of the process.

With ultrashort laser pulses it is possible to produce holes in any material in the range of a few microns to a few millimeters, with a high degree of reproducibility. For this there are various kinds of laser drilling methods, which can produce the finest of holes with high precision and very smooth surface finishes, with virtually no burr formation.

We offer:
  • High degree of reproducibility of the holes, with small tolerances of < 1 µm
  • Shaped holes with square, elliptical or customer-specific cross sections
  • Flexible bore diameters, inclined angles, and holes in positions that are difficult to access
  • Areas of application: ventilation holes, contact holes, cooling holes and filtration applications