Watch parts

Craftsmanship meets laser micromachining

De Rijke & Co. is a Dutch mechanical watch company that makes elegant mechanical watches for gentleman drivers. All watches go through a long prototype test phase. Because of the skilled craftsmanship that is put into the production of the watches, as well as the use of traditional machinery and long hours of manual work, the term "hand-crafted" is an apt description.

Most of the parts are designed, manufactured, finished and mounted in the Dutch atelier. With a few exceptions!

With some of the parts, such as the hands, the high degree of precision can only be achieved with the help of USP laser processing. Here the tolerances are only a few thousandths of a millimeter.

Laurens de Rijke is a design engineer with a passion for classic vehicles, adventuring and watches. To satisfy his expectations on the craft of watch designing and watch making - in perfection - he has Micreon produce some precision parts.

The Amalfi Series is De Rijke Watches' first series. Inspired by the beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy, it radiates a special esprit. "The watches in the series are designed with passionate drivers in mind who love to take a spin in their vintage cars", says designer Laurens de Rijke.

The design of the Amalfi Series by De Rijke Watches in Holland is unique. It allows the case to be rotated by up to 90 degrees. This improves legibility while driving.

De Rijke Watches had to develop an innovative case design, to allow the case to be rotated by up to 90 degrees.

Between caseback and casefront, the ribbed lugcase has a slot in which the case, which is held snugly in place at the right position by a tiny 0.4 mm spring, can rotate. It moves through the ribbing of the lugcase, ensuring a nice, firm click.